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About Mike Powell


become a HiFi tribe member

This means that you stand for a full integrity HiFi market.

One with honesty, respect, and comradery. 

A literal "safe zone" where you can purchase at the cost listed. Instead of us publishing a fake inflated price

in order to offer you a fake discount where you end up getting the retail price anyways. 

We represent a healthy buying and selling atmosphere, whereby you are assured to receive a deal that "goes to 11"


We start with a fair deal, then give you one more step of value so you always know that you will receive a very slight advantage .

By giving us your patronage, you commit to help us create a better HiFi market and industry. Allowing us to go one more step for our members, this is what e11even is all about.

In order to make this very clear, this complete concept is fueled by you purchasing HiFi from e11even stereo.

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