Here is a great,  small footprint  Active 2 or 3 way crossover with baffle step correction. It is made in California by a very sharp design engineer  who really made this to a high degree of performance at this price.  I consider it Audiophile Level 1, and I have some pretty strict parameters.  There are press fit modules that are placed insiude via a "trap door" in the bottom , inside there are also adjustment switches for 2 or 3 way and the baffle step adjustment depending on how wide your front baffle of the speaker is . essentially this is an adjustable cut at a certain frequency. The more you turn it to the right , the more it cuts that Freq.  This piece is self contained so its one clean box with no outboard power supply and umbilical cable to clutter up the rig.  Inside the unit the power supply is shielded with a MuMetal shield. (the REAL way to shield a power supply) The front panel has 3 gain/cut knobs to adjust and balance the sub with the main speaker as well as the mid with the high of the main speaker. If you are using this with Magnepan and subs, you only need a 2 way configuration.  The rear panel has both balanced and single ended (RCA) connections. The piece is fully differential inside when balanced inputs are used. Due to size constraints  1/4" stereo headphone jacks are used as your balanced signal interface.  This means you will need some "1/4 inch TRS to XLR Adapters" which is exactly what you can type into Amazon  to purchase them. They will be 1/4" stereo phonoi plug to an XLR at the end of a cable , so you may run this cable all the way to the amps with a long adapter cable or you may use shorties and connect your own XLR Cables if you want to use something you have or something you consider higher quality.  

The only crossover less expensive if you dont want to spend the $500 is a dbx (or similar) crossover made in China from Guitar Center and it does not meet my standard for an audiophile rig. Those can be purchased for $99 new..  

2/3 Way Crossover

crossover freq for 2 way
Crossover Freq for 3 way

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