One of the most unique amplifiers I've ever seen and heard.


AGD has harnessed a new type of technology called GaN Tube Technology. GaN stands for Gallium Nitride which is what these MOSFETS are made from. This material is set to replace silicon in the Semiconductor industry. It simply does everything faster, quieter and more efficiently. This gives the GaN tube amps a huge advantage over any other output device. The complete output section fits inside a KT88 Glass tube, its a real glass tube and uses an Octal socket in the chassis. This means you can change the AGD into a different amplifier without buying a new amp. It's as easy as changing a vacuum tube. Truly plug and play to become a brand new amplifier. The sonic characteristic is closest to a Single Ended Triode tube except with big power and woofer control. (300B, 2A3, etc) This amp has a nice 2nd order harmonic profile unlike other Class D amps.


Here is the distinction that puts the AGD head and shoulders above the competition. First off, this piece is designed ground up by Alberto. There are no modules from somebody else. This is an innovator not a “me too” amp made with common modules available off the shelf.

Furthermore this amp uses a PATENTED MOSFET design, which Alberto himself contributed to make them optimized for audio. There is no other GaN output device optimized for HiFi. They are used extensively in military Radar and lidar applications and they happen to sound good for HiFi, but the AGD MOSFETS are designed to reproduce music.

This together with the GaN material will immediately send disbelief through your mind as you experience what quite possibly may be the best sounding amplifier you have ever heard; I am not making things up nor embellishing whatsoever.


This is a new type of sound. I have never heardn it before. It marries the 2 camps of listening preference, which to my knowledge has never been done. It has the organic, musical, cozy nature of a musical sounding Triode for the tube lovers, beautifully married with the immediacy, slam, dynamic, control and presence of the worlds best solid state devices.. All of this with no loss to the leading edge whatsoever. Quite simply, it sounds too good to be true.. How do you have both warmth and detail ?


Take the most complex, smeared music you can find to throw at the Vivace, and it stands up and sorts every little tidbit of sonic into its proper little place within discreet space without losing the coherence of a single musical event, from front to back and side to side. Humans are incapable of playing music more complex then the Vivace can sort. I've never heard layering and separation in busy huge symphonic pieces like with Vivace. This amp is a borderline miracle. I can't say enough about it. The build on Vivace is stunning. Starting from 4 inch thick billet Aluminum. It is completely machined out of a single block of metal meaning monolithic construction. The best way to combat vibration degradation. The top has a smoked acrylic window and it lights up with a warm orange glow when power is on. Vivace is gorgeous and in a dim lit room, utterly stunning.


Dont believe me, try it for yourself. No commitment to keep, until after you listen. This amp will re-define your reference.


Inputs include RCA and XLR Power is 100W at 8Ohm and doubles down to dead short. Vivace is so technically advanced that it is impossible to overheat or blow this amp. or damage your speakers. If you push it past its limit, the sound simply cuts out from that channel and then returns once the volume is turned down, utterly brilliant. The price is per piece. This is a special amp for a discerning individual that appreciates world class functional sculpture for their environment. Nothing shows better, sounds better and is more classy or refined than Vivace. Sold on a limited basis. 2 pieces required for stereo. Call now.

AGD Production - VIVACE Monoblock amplifier