Boy, Im not sure how to even describe this amplifier because its unlike anything Ive yet heard. Furthermore trying to describe it can only dumb it down.  


I'll say this . 

It uses a proprietary first time its ever been done output stage which is a solid state amplifier inside a glass tube .

The GaN tube as its called uses Gallium Nitride MOSFETs. 

These Gallium Nitride MOSFETS are Patented by AGD, AGD owns the whole production run, and these are the ONLY existing Gallium Nitride MOSFETS designed for HiEnd Audio. every other amplifier uises parts designed for battery chargers or Lidar , they still work well for audio but nowhere as well as these.  So there is no other amplifier that I have yet heard that does what this one does.  It will most likely confuse you upon first listen, due to its uncanny nature to be so distortion free, so quick and clear yet retain all the harmonics recorded in the original music .  

AGD ViVace Monobloc Power Amp


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