Welcome the Audiobyte Hydra stack. It consists of ZAP, VOX, and HUB.


Zap is an ultra-linear low noise power supply on one side and a 300Farad Ultra capacitor, power supply on the other side. This means it contains 2 separate isolated power supplies inside. One is optimized for the Analog circuits, and the other is optimized for the digital circuits. Dual isolated outboard power supply is normally a feature reserved for DAC's over $15K. It means that 2 DC Power umbilicals feed each component, 2 for the VOX which is a single bit, FPGA based DAC which is 100% software, so it can be updated, upgraded or changed by the user as easy as  playing a special .wav file which updates the firmware.. Single bit means this is a native DSD DAC, all incoming signals are re modulated to DSD 512 before decoding. Not even $75K DACs I know of do this, DSD 512 or Octa DSD is by far the most analog sounding digital format there is.  This is due to greatly reduced phase anomalies in the decoding process VS lesser formats.  To top it all off when VOX is used in conjunction with HUB, HUB then takes on the job of Re Modulating the signal to DSD 512, , thus removing the job from Vox, which means all of VOX's resources are for one thing only, pure native decoding. This means there is zero processing whatsoever done in the DAC. By removing this process from the DAC itself a more musical and tonally dense sonic is realized. Hydra VOX has been created to make a statement, and it does so with vigor.  In addition to the high level at which the conversion is done, included in the VOX is a very high performance Headphone amplifier, good enough to compete as a stand alone headphone amp, it shares the telltale sign of its lineage by an unmistakable wide, deep soundstage. The VOX clearly hits above its weight class.  To top it all off the final piece HUB, boosts the performance of VOX quite a bit in addition to re modulating. next of all its a streamer with ROON, and HQ Player along with a menu of options. The HUB also acts as a reclocker for all of its digital inputs from other components,  including the ethernet !  Finally HUB takes all different digital inputs and outputs a highly accurrate  i2s signal optimized for VOX.  Again, at the DAC zero DSP with HUB employed which means it operates as a Pure single bit Native OCTO DSD DAC, the most analog sounding of all digital formats.  Again, these are features rarely found on much more expensive DAC’s . This is the first time Ive seen these type of features on anything below $15K, The HYDRA Stack is a front end solution that a demanding audiophile could truly enjoy the rest of their music listening career.


Audiobyte is a sister company with Rockna, these designers are behind many of the big DAC brands in one way or another. That being said , these products are still made in the old world style, by master craftsmen. Therefore they are hand assembled and tested to order. Orders take 4 to 5 weeks for us. So while we do our best to maintain inventory, they go pretty quick due to the quality level at such a low price. At any point you may put down a 10% deposit and claim one of the incoming units before it arrives. Current supply is 4 stacks each month.

Dont hesitate to buy this DAC, I give it my enthusiastic recommendation. 

AudioByte Hydra Vox DAC/Hydra Zap External Power Supply