Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier (pair)


Magma M is reference point power amplifier made by NAT as pure class A, single - ended type with zero global feedback configuration.

Magma M gives an opportunity to amplify the sound by two different mode as high power setting to 130W or moderate setting to 50W, both of pure direct heated triode (DHT) type. High power in single-ended configuration give a capability to drive almost any type of loudspeaker.

Direct heated triode (D.H.T.) type 6C21 (or equivalent) as output device represent high technology in vacuum tube manufacturing. Potential of output tube for audio purposes reach 450W of heat dissipation! Magma M used operating point that significantly decrease working temperature for further reliability improvement. Construction of output tube is robust in mechanical domain, resulted in non - microphonic sound reproduction. Special designed aluminium pipe cover cage additionally improved feedback vibration effect from the environment, correlate with increasing of micro detail in sound reproduction. For the sensitive loudspeaker Magma M offer low mode option to lower the output power from 130W to 50W. Further, it decreased power consumption of output tube that resulting to additional lower heat dissipation.

Input and driver double triode tube ECC85 is chosen as N.O.S. (new old stock) grade of the highest guality. Hand coiled wide-bandwidth output transformer (custom designed for NAT) is used in Magma M. Output transformer (hand coiled as well) is constructed with no less than 40 separated different layers. Bandwidth reach 9Hz - 70.000Hz as exceptional good flatness for single - ended zero feedback amplifier. Output taps for 4 and 8 ohms speaker load are realized with laboratory grade connectors.

NAT Audio Magma M