Magnetostat is a new reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled pure triode class A with absolute zero feedback circuit configuration. Military grade type 6S31B-R output tube is used – represent high technology in vacuum tube manufacturing.


Reference Absolute Zero Feedback Vacuum Tube Line Stage

Magnetostat set reference point for line stage made by NAT as transformer coupled pure triode class A with absolute zero feedback circuit device. Special military grade type 6S31B-R (tiny super tube) output tubes are used.

Magnetostat represent two independent preamplifier in the same chassis first - as balanced or second as single-ended type of operation!

Construction of tiny super tube 6S31B-R is very robust also in mechanical domain – there is no microphonics effect for negative influence to the sound reproduction.

Hand coiled wide-bandwidth nano-crystalline core output transformer is used in Magnetostat.

Open bandwidth from 3Hz – 200.000Hz is outstanding for high direct current single ended transformer coupled operation mode. Output transformer has separate configuration for single ended sa well as balanced operation!

Magnetostat as absolute zero feedback device represent the best solution for purity of sound reproduction. There is no any capacitor on direct or indirect signal path.

Attenuation is based on 56pcs. of high reliability computer controlled relay (with pure silver, gold plated contacts) network with 96 different level of attenuation! Only a single laboratory grade resistor per phase is on the signal path at (any attenuator level).  

Magnetostat is equipped with basic function remote control unit - made from solid block of aluminum.

Se version is equipped with laminated hand assembled remote unit as option!

High capacity battery supply is used as the best solution for the power to supply Magnetostat.

Sound quality of Magnetostat is totally independent from line voltage fluctation as well as influence of "rf pollution" that could be coupled across.

Separate transformer unit act as power supply for digital and control circuit only.

Quality of electronic material that is used inside Magnetostat are at high level - tubes by military and N.O.S. grade, 0.1% Vishay resistors, nano-crystalline transformer core, audiophile grade high capacity electrolytic capacitors, gold plated Teflon isolated connectors, silver-ofc input wiring…

Line stage works properly at world wide AC line voltage from 100 – 250 VAC, 50-60Hz

NAT Audio Magnetostat SE - Linestage


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