Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

Microwave is a new mono power amplifier made by NAT, based on military grade tubes in pure class A, single – ended mode with zero global feedback operation.

Main facts:

  • First high power coaxial metal-ceramic tube zero-feedback single-ended power amplifier globally - unique device
  • Most compact in the class (19"x19"x6.5")
  • Most efficiency in the class (200W of power consumption for 60W of all tube single-ended class A)

Microwave gives an opportunity to listening the sound on two different mode as high power setting to 60W or moderate setting to 35W, both of pure coaxial-ceramic triode type. With power of 60W in single – ended configuration there is a capability to drive almost any type of  loudspeaker.

NAT Audio Microwave Mono Block Power Amplifier