Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

New version already improve quality of previous model by set power to 25W with special single gain design. Single-Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier Se1 GM70 has very short signal path without main passive components - no coupling capacitors & no inter-stage transformers.

Input stage in Se1 GM70 form EC1010 (or equivalent) nuvistor tube capable to act as low distortion voltage stage, made by military standard, indicate as N.O.S. (new old stock) grade of the highest quality.

Driver stage form 3E29 (or equivalent) tube capable to act as low impedance stage. Made by military standard, it is indicated as N.O.S. grade of the highest quality as well as for the highier voltage operation.

Direct-heated triode (D.H.T) GM70 act as output stage, it is a high performance tube capable to dissipate up to 125W, made by military grade as well. Se1 GM70 represent a truly single-ended design without parallel connection of tubes.

Specially designed hand coiled output transformer support wide frequencytransfer.

Frequency response of Se1 GM70 is linear without any sub-resonance region.

Soft start improve reliability of entire amplifier by avoiding voltage stress during turn-on procedure.

Tonal quality is independent from line voltage fluctuation.

Se1 GM70 require higher sensitively loudspeaker to bring great sonic pleasure that only real D.H.T. virtues can do.

NAT Audio Se1 GM70


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