Full Battery Powered Vacuum Tube MM Phono Stage

NAT set a new standard in phono stage state-of-the art product by new approach-vacuum based inverse network realised in model Vacuum I.N. . Standard inverse network is based on RC or even better RLC type as main part of the signal path. NAT put vacuum field medium instead. Vacuum I.N is based on 14 vacuum tubes in full absolute zero feedback configuration to form uncompromised MM phono stage!


Battery supply for plate voltage is used for the low noise triode tubes that lasts over 10 000h. All tubes are by military and N.O.S. (new old stock) type. Even all tubes filament are powered by batteries!

Hand coiled output transformers as well as input and output chokes (6 separated magnetic unit) form in Vacuum I.N.  simplest signal paths as possible! Magnetic material is the best possible by today audiophile standard: nano-crystalline!

Special constructed output transformer is reconfigurable from pure single-ended (RCA) to pure balanced (XLR) operation in Vacuum I.N. .

System of battery charging is fully automatic.

AC voltage (for battery charging and logic) is filtered in Vacuum I.N. by separate ultra low magnetic radiated transformers/power supply units.

Vacuum type (NAT original approach) equalization is applied regarding the philosophy of zero feedback. Signal-to-noise ratio is excellent, partly thanks to battery supply.

With lower output impedance than standard, Vacuum I.N. may easy drive interconnect cable of reasonable lenght.

Best quality gold plated teflon isolated PCB is used in Vacuum I.N. MM phono stage.

High quality gold plated teflon isolated connectors, both input and output are used in phono stage.

Each Vacuum I.N. is hand crafted device with burn in test period of over  100 hours.

Quality of electronic components that is used inside Vacuum I.N. are at high level - military grade capacitors as well as tubes, teflon based gold plated PCB, high grade batteries, Vishay 0.1% resistors, electrolytic capacitors for 105Cof operating temperature, all signal magnetic unit based on nano-crystalline core ...

NAT Audio Vacuum I.N. Phono Stage