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HiFi Tribe Audiophile Recording Program

It all starts with the tracking engineer and his choice of microphone.

There is a difference between a tracking engineer who utilizes a large microphone collection to optimize the sonic result for the recording with any particular instrument or artist and the tracking engineer who figures they can tweak the recording with effects and/or EQ in post- production. We find that the process of recording the track right in the first place leads to a better sonic result than manipulating the file digitally to "fix" the recording.


The recorded tracks are then sent to a mixing engineer. They could be in a different state all together.

It's highly likely that they were not around the band during recording. So the mixing engineer makes the mix without having been involved with the recording process. He must mix it based on what he thinks sounds good. After mixing is done, it is then sent off to a mastering engineer, who also could be in another state. Once again, the chance of the mastering engineer being around the band during recording is nearly zero.  So the mastering engineer will master the music based on what he thinks sounds good.


If one person handles all three of these jobs, there is a better symbiosis, a better flow, and a better result.

Many times, one take can be used for the recording depending on the talent of the tracking engineer. 

This is due to a continuity of energy from both the band and the engineer.


The HiFi Tribe has a resident tracking engineer named Tony Minassian. He is a professional engineer with much experience recording music and is based in Los Angeles, California. Tony described an idea, which I thought was terrific. Why doesn't he hire professional session musicians and make recordings, which we can provide for the tribe members that not only gives them exclusive material that the can get nowhere else, but it allows them to receive it at a very minimal cost. 


For the cost of a single audiophile record album, Tribe members would receive 6 full CD's worth of music files recorded by Tony in his unique and very high fidelity style recording. At this point, every single new member of the HiFi Tribe will receive 3 tracks recorded by Tony in his "one-take" process. To me, this is the most true way to record and playback any type of music. This is because you are hearing it exactly as the event occurred. Even symphonic recordings will overdub and add or subtract or manipulate the final product that you playback. It is not at all the real thing that happened. It is constructed in the studios. There is something magic about listening to improvisation recorded at a high level.


This is what you are entitled to receive, should you decide to spend $36 for the year. This means only $6 per CD or $3 per month. 

On one hand you will receive some of the best recordings you will ever hear. And on the other hand, you will be supporting professional musicians during their down time when they are not touring or recording albums. 

Here's how we will ramp up this program. We cannot begin this until we get 1,000 subscribers. 

This pays for the talent, the production, and everyone's time involved. I've made it as inexpensive as possible. 

In order for the founding first 1,000 members to be assured that they do not give $36 then have us not reach 1K and be out any money, the first 1,000 will receive 4 CD's worth of music immediately upon paying the yearly fee of $36. This way, in the off-chance, that we do not reach our 1K of subscribers you know that your money was not wasted. This is in addition to the 6 they will receive the first year we roll the program. The first 100 subscribers will also receive a T-shirt that me, OCD Mikey, will design to represent our commitment to the recorded arts. 

The recordings will include all genres and no matter what, they will be killer recordings. So go ahead and sign up now and help to expand the growth of the HiFi tribe philosophy of taking care of one another and putting the music first.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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