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AGD Production is an American company founded and operated by Alberto Guerra, who was a long-standing executive in several of the most well-known component parts companies, such as International Rectifier and Vishay Intertechnology.

I suspected that coming from that background he may know a thing or two about optimal design and layout. And he sure did! AGD is mainly known for their top level Gallium Class D amplifiers. (Please realize this is not a digital amplifier). Class D is more of a generational marker of the technology used. Therefore, Class D is the oldest, Class AB next, and so on.

When I first listened to the AGD Vivace mono blocks, I immediately realized this was a sonic I've never heard before. I've never heard something so distortion free and quick. Immediately, I reached for the most complex music I could find that I knew would have some sort of smear. The Vivace delineated every little part of that music.

The Audion mono blocks are roughly half the size and weight of the Vivace with nearly the same output. In fact, the Audion was designed so well that Vivace needed to be redesigned to take it farther than Audion. AGD Production represents the cutting-edge of HiFi technology currently used. That is why I chose this brand to represent.

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