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Check out testimonials from my amazing clients!

I just made a huge purchase and I don't have much patient when iam making my deal. However Mike was a joy to work with he really wanted me to have my deal and bent over backwards for me. I highly recommend doing your business with him. He will do you right.

Kevin Isch

Happy Camper with my New Ontech DAC07. It's made an instant change in my set up, lifelike sound, like going from 2D to 3D. Mikey was a consummate pro, listened to his system - blown away. Great skills and knowledge. Highly recommended. Getting off the gear merry go round. Solid end game sound system advice, sales and service. Thank You!

Legrand Groves

Bought the LRS+ fuse upgrade. Pretty much figured it was a $150 donation. But without trying to convince myself I actually heard an improvement. Thanks Mike.

John Uline

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