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Jeff Rowland


For the last 40 years, Jeff Rowland design group has maintained position at the forefront of analog design.

Made in Colorado Springs, CO, Jeff has pioneered many industry "first's". Including his trademark chassis machines from a single block of billet aluminium. Jeff's nemesis is distortion. Therefore, these amplifiers have very unique and exclusive features designed to bring the distortion to unheard low levels.

I first experienced Jeff Rowland designs one year at a Rocky Mountain Audio Fest when we needed to borrow an amplifier because ours was down. It was one of the most profound amplifier improvements I've heard going from one amp to another. At that point, I knew that one day I would own a Jeff Rowland amp.

Now, there's no way I'll be without one.

If I were to pick an amplifier to have with me for any different situation that needed to get the job done no matter what, it would be Jeff Rowland.

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