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NAT Audio


I knew about NAT Audio years before I became a distributor. I bought a pair of their monoblocks and was absolutely blown away by their strength and finesse. Years later, when I saw the opportunity, I secured distribution rights for North America.

There is not one NAT Audio piece I've heard that I did not immediately recognize as above 90% of HiFi gear.

NAT Audio was founded by Dejan Nikic in Kragujevac, Serbia. I don't know what's in the water over there, but whatever it is.. it creates brilliant audio engineers. I can say without hesitation, the NAT Audio Magma mono blocks are the most real, life-like sounding amplifiers I've ever heard. They are, without a doubt, an end-game amplifier. Once you hear them, you will know why you would never need another amplifier the rest of your life.

This also goes for the Magnetostat SE line stage. I still have not heard a preamp more real and natural sounding.

Together, the Magnetostat SE and Magma New will end your search for the ultimate sonic, at any price, and they cost much less than the equipment they outperform. Buy these when you are ready to stop chasing the fantasy.

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