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New Ontech


The company was founded by by Ole Nielsen, which (Ole Nielsen) has been in the business sinch 1990.

His passion for music, has always been the top priority for the development of HiFi product’s.

Since the beginning the equipment has always been developed and approved by intensive listening.

Today there is an impressive panel of HiFi enthusiastic people doing the approval of new products.

It’s the kind of product’s that makes yor feet step’s and make the hair raise at the back of your neck. And brings the music to live.

The product’s today Is Power Amp’s, Pre-Amps, RIAA and DAC’s. All in different designs and prices.

Some of the well-known products are the “monster DAC” and the DAC 20 and 30. The new series of product’s are starting to roll out like the DAC08, AMP10, AMP20, PRE08 and RIAA08.

There is already project further developing the DAC30 and working on a tube amplifier using the 300B output tube. The design will use some very special output transformers.

Today our network of distributors is mainly in Europe, and the company is still a small family business run by Ole Nielsen.  an enthusiastic team is doing the mechanical designs, the painting, assembling and shipping.

Just a few things that makes this product’s special is the use of own technology, all products are designed in house, build and shipped from local factory. Some of the part’s used has been special designed by the company, and only available for NewOntech.

Only the best available parts are being used.

In some cases, some special designed products are made in cooperation with the costumer. Examples could be choice off capacitors or resistors, connectors etc.

Also, when it comes to painting there is a few standard colors, and it is possible to order your own.

We are expert’s in doing specially and handmade products.

All for the best reproduction of Music possible and still at a decent price.

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