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Verastarr is my own brand. This is the one that brought me into the HiFi industry.

The reason I started it was because I saw what was a very large spin within HiFi cables. I knew I could produce something as good or better for less cost to the end user.

Founded in 2001, Verastarr is now sold across the globe and I have invented patented technology. Verastarr cables currently utilize flat foil only, never round wire. Round wire has more distortion. The idea behind our cable designs is to affect the signal less than our competitors. Therefore, Verastarr cables are very open, spacious and detailed.

They relay all the information that they receive.

When you hear your audio system without the normal losses associated with round wire cables, you will realize the true potential of your HiFi gear. Each Verastarr cable will reveal another layer lost to distortion.

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