OCD HiFi Guy, Mike Powell at Rocky Mountain 2010, with High Emotion Audio, Atma-Sphere, and VTL

Simon, Mike and Jurgen in front of the $128,000.00 system at CES 2013.


Marten Coltrane 2 loudspeakers ($100K) April Music AI 700 ($6500) and DP-1 ($3500) Utilizing 1.5M Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature power cords x 3 ($10,800) and 3M Grand Illusion bi wire ($3898) with 10M Silver Signature XLR ($2899)

AXPONA 2011. Atlanta with Mark Levinsons newest Daniel Hertz Line

Dec 2013 Visiting World class Hi-Fi Dealer in Bangkok, KS Home ... MBL never sounded so good! I actually found new respect for the sound of MBL, and wanted this exact setup...lets just say its been a while since I wanted to buy gear.. simply stunning.

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