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Julia Sawtell

Julia Sawtell is a jazz/pop artist who has spent most of her life connecting with audiences in a variety of roles, but each performance always centered around her emotive voice.

Julia is from Orange County, California and is currently majoring in music and business at Loyola Marymount University.

From a very young age, Julia wanted to pursue a music career as she listened and was influenced by many genres including jazz, classic rock, and pop. She was inspired by amazing artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Barbara Stresiand, and Judy Garland.

Julia joined a vocal jazz ensemble and fell in love with the notion that one song could have a variety of different approaches and arrangements with the limitation being only her imagination. This inspired her to select five songs that she was passionate about singing and that allowed her artistry to shine while making these classic songs seem fresh and captivating.

Her dream is to share the beauty of the jazz genre, conveying the unique quality of each standard. This inspiration birthed Julia’s debut EP, “Call Me Julia” and she is excited to share her music and delight audiences throughout the globe with her gift.

Here is the link to buy the album,

Julia Sawtell
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