Here is the "thousand dollar" DAC that is not only a DAC but its a legit Preamp as well with twin analog inputs and an analog volume control. To top it all off , its made in USA by some very passionate Professional Audio designers who make top level gear for Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering Engineers.  So this piece has some great features like if you play guitar or Keyboard, or have MIDI drums you may plug your instrument in to the Source and play your instrument through your audio system at the same time your music is playing, effectively "sitting in " on the music being played for a private session created by yourself.  There are 2 speaker outputs so you may run main speakers and stereo subs (No filters inside the source ) or 2 pair of speakers for 2 zones, and there is a line out which mirrors what is being monitored at the time. This means it is asort of mixer as well, and it also has dual headphone outs and the headphone outs are completely seperate from the main speaker outs, meaning you can listen to yourself playing guitar to your favorite band, and your friend can be listening to a seperate CD coming off a CD player on thier headphones totally seperately.  The sky is the limit with this functionality .  This DAC is on the musical side , so very smooth and analog like , not harsh at all.. yet retains the detail that we all love as long as its not overdone, which the Source is not.  This piece is meant to be used mosat of the time nearby where you are so a remote control is not needed. Use your favortite linear power supply with 12 V for the clean sound only a 2 chassis prreamp or DAC can provide. . There is NO AC power whatsoever inside this piece and is part of why it sounds as good as it does. 

at e11even stereo , we take it a little farther and add some RF absorber material inside the unit and on some key parts inside to lower noise even more . Forget Chinese Dac's, now you have the sonic of USA made gear for the same price.


  • 2 speaker outputs – can be engaged simultaneously

  • Headphones and speaker outs can monitor single or multiple sources

  • 2 analog inputs: 1/8″ Mini Stereo & XLR/TRS combo jack

  • 2 onboard stereo 24-bit/192kHz D/A converters

  • 2 digital inputs: AES/SPDIF and USB

  • AES/SPDIF digital thru-port for additional uses outside The SOURCE

  • Analog inputs for both professional/instrument and HiFi analog signals

  • Selected Line Output allows for more elaborate routing of the main monitor signal


Dangerous Music -Source DAC/PRE