The fact that you can start out with a Jeff Rowland piece for only $3K is amazing. There is nothing like the feeling of owning a Jeff Rowland power amplifier, Trust me. Its my reference. Ive never used anything so solidly built, powerful, musical, accurate and unflappable then the JRDG brand. His cornerstone is low distortion power amplifiers. Try one and you wont want it to leave. This little amp is deceivingly strong. You start as a 125WPC stereo amp, then when youre ready, buy a second amp and bridge them both for 500WPC. Instant big league. , this means for only 12K youve got a full Jeff Rowland Bi Amp rig using 4 monoblocks. . This is unheard of. This is truly one of the industries best kept secrets. Dont even hesitate if you are looking for a $3K stereo amp. This is also a great gift for someone special, maybe your son or daughter. This piece wont get broken at college. guaranteed to get anyone started into the big leagues on the good foot.

Jeff Rowland - 125 Stereo Power amp