This will be the largest single gain you will ever get for $100. I've never heard so many nice gentlemen use such colorful verbal expression to share their utter amazement. I keep this kit in production for entertainment value at this point.


OK, so let me get down to it. Maggie left fuses on the panels from back when amps used to do a lot more damage to speakers than they do now. The chance of you blowing your tweeter is zero, under normal use of the speaker.  If you dont do something silly like keep your amp turned on while playing with the cables. Its so uncommon to blow a maggie fuse that I am able to produce this kit and have been selling it 5 years now.. must be over 400 Kits in operation, not one complaint of tweeter damage..(knock on wood) Liken this mod to pulling cotton out of your ears. Its Profound, not subtle.. It actually makes or breaks Magnepan for me, meaning that I would not own Magnepan in stock form. It makes sense they are factory homogenized, but these are far from mainstream speakers they are very specialized and absolutrely amazing when tuned to your room. In fact even the small Magnepans will stay with you all the way up to $100K and above rigs, what I mean is you cant outclass a Maggie with the electronics.  So this is a 5 Min Thing and is as easy as changing the stock fuses out for the Verastarr 99.997 % pure silver fuse replacements. (this removes any protection the fuse may provide) These are hand polished and filled with a noise damping and RF absorbing compound. (note that only a small amount of this material is needed to work but its much easier to simply fill them up, so some will not be all the way full, this is OK as there is an overkill amount anyways.)  Next is the 99.997% Purity silver jumpers. These are those little "horshoes"that are used where the tweeter attenuator is .  This is the latest MK2 Kit whereby we added hand polishing, higher purity silver, .7mm wider fuse bypass cylinders. (Wider  in outer diameter to give a stronger grip at the contact interface of the connection clips.) 8AWG 99.97% Fine silver jumpers up from 10 AWG.  now comes in Tarnish free baby ziploc bags, and includes a polishing sponge to use each year to clean your fuses and jumpers. 

We have dropped the silver plated copper jumpers, Pure silver sounds better so everything is now included. " 2F/2J"    is the part number meaning "2 fuse 2 jumper" kit found on all the smaller magnepan models that have 1 fuse 1 jumper per panel , so if you have a 3 series just order 2 kits then there are ala carte singles if you need to add some for older models and also there are some older models that have an Xtra long jumper.. Those are listed as well.. Get ready for a very fun and meaningul mod process that will have you dancing all over the room ! 

Outboard crossovers should always be floor mounted  (not mounted to the back of the panel using the metal bars) This vibrates the crossover and degrades sound. Also you run the signal through a nickel plated brass bar.. 

(See the Maggie outboard crossover upgrade listed as a separate accessory.)


There are a few models that have 1 fuse but 2 jumpers per panel and those are listed in the options under 2F x 4J 


Team this kit with some Verastarr Grand Illusion AudioFoil speaker cables and prepare yourself for a big step up in clarity with a wide open effortless 3D soundstage. As always its no risk with our bona fide Guarantee or your money back and no restock fees.  


I you do all the maggie mods and use Verastarr foil cables  The total is under $1K with 6 foot speaker cables.  I will guarantee you a revelation in sonic image . It will go from closed in to wide open ! 


Additional options include the Tuners Kit which adds a second full 2F 2J kit in high purity Copper ! This will allow you to try an alternate sonic perhaps you will use half and half , its up to you ! 




Happy Listening ! 

Magnepan "Instant Upgrade" fuse replacement kit