This will be the largest single gain you will ever get for under $100. I've never heard so many nice gentlemen audiophiles use such colorful verbal expression to share their utter amazement. I keep this kit in production for entertainment value at this point.


OK, so let me get down to it. Maggie puts fuses on the panels to keep dum dums from breaking their speakers.. Its very nice of them, but look, if you turn your amps off when monkeying with cables, you're fine. Its so uncommon to blow a maggie fuse that I am able to produce this kit and have been selling it 5 years now.. must be over 400 Kits in operation, not one complaint..(knock on wood) Liken this mod to pulling cotton out of your ears. Its MAJOR, not subtle.. So much that I would not own Magnepan in stock form. It makes sense they are factory homogenized, but these are far from mainstream speakers they are very specialized and freaking amazing when dialed in…


Just get it and call me after listening..


Kit consists of 2 pure silver hand polished tubes filled with vibration damping material, and 2 1.5 inch 10 AWG silver plated copper in PTFE wire jumpers. We call this kit the 2F x 2J. (stands for 2 Fuses, 2 jumpers total in the kit)

There is an option for pure solid silver 12AWG jumpers in the kit instead of the silver plated copper stranded wire. Pure silver is always better sounding than SPC in my opinion, but the SPC sounds amazing as well, and costs less.. Pure silver jumper kit is called 2F X 2J Ag


You will need 2 of the 2 x 2 kits for the larger panels , anything that has 2 fuses and 2 jumpers per panel.

Outboard crossovers should always be floor mounted and used with a set of jumper foils.

(See them listed as a separate accessory.)


There are a few models that have 1 fuse but 2 jumpers per panel and those are listed in the options under 2F x 4J for silver plated copper and 2F x 4F Ag for pure silver. for instance 3.7 is a 4 fuse, 4 jumper, so you purchase 2 kits of the 2F 2J


Team this kit with some Verastarr Grand Illusion AudioFoil speaker cables and prepare yourself for a new rig that will blow you away.. keep in mind you’ll most likely need to re tweak your speaker position to take advantage of all the new information.. usually this means a a touch more toe out..



Magnepan "Instant Upgrade" fuse replacement kit

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