Magnetic is a newest reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled, class A with zero feedback circuit configuration. Special selected vacuum tube is used – represent high technology in industrial tube manufacturing.


Design Features

– transformer coupled circuit (without any capacitor on direct or indirect signal path)
– zero feedback circuit
– approx. 500.000uF of capacitance in analog power supply section
– pure dual mono construction
– custom designed ultimate wide-bandwidth amorphous core output transformers (with perfect square wave response)
– vacuum special tubes by military spec. as well as N.O.S. grade
– vacuum tubes of N.O.S. (new old stock) grade-booster PY88 type
– separate transformators for digital control and analog supply
– relay network attenuation (shunt type realised with 56 relays)
– remote control made from solid block of aluminum
– all modulated chassis
– front panel made from 15mm thick aluminum material
– built-in measurement for total working hours of line stage
– teflon insulated gold plated connectors

Specifications are subject of change without notice

NAT Audio Magnetic Preamp