This is your Reference DAC. The first thing that came to my mind when hearing it was , "This thing fixes EVERYTHING !"  The "Dream" DAC is a very apropriate  name for this piece. As it is like a dream. This is the first DAC that defies description , because the sound of the DAC is not at all what you are thinking about. Its the music . All you hear is the music. For once,  the "audio glitch"squirrel up in my head has nothing to do backflips and bang on the cymbals for. There is not a hint of any sonic charachteristic  in the sound that lets you know you are listening to recorded music. You see, I have this OCD Squirrel in my brain that gets triggered immediately any time I sit to listen to a rig unless it is 100% completely sorted.  This means I Listen,  analyze, judge... Listen , analyze, judge... over and over until I sort things out . you know those certain sonic charachteristics you cant seem to find or shake off ? Like that upper midrange "Glare" that comes off the piano in certain songs ?  Or that midbass suck out that renders bass guitar tone-less ? How about  the "velvet hammer" that so gently taps your chest with kick drum and low bass ? You know that bass that for a micro second siezes all the air in the room as if the room just went into a full vacuum for a second ? It takes your brain about 3.5 seconds to realize this DAC has it all in spades and we can move along to the music part. What a relief ! I have kept DACs for years that were SO GOOD at Imaging but were too harsh at times, but it imaged too incredibly to sell, so I would deal with it. Ive kept DACs that were SO QUIET and ORGANIC that they took the tooth out of the leading edge leaving a somewhat diffuse soundstage ..  Dangit ! Maybe I can fix it with a silver cable. ? ... Wrong...!  Look , Im going to cut to the chase and tell you this DAC is the one. Most likely the last one you will ever buy. Why do I say that ? Because I know end game gear when I hear it. I am the most picky,  hyper observational , can for sure find fault with anything I inspect,  type of poo poo head. So trust me when a DAC comes in that I have no compulsion to open up and pore over the guts. It says something big. I can find no fault with the MPD -8 .

The Genius that designed this is Andreas Koch, you will find his name on the 1984 Patent for "Sample rate Conversion" this is how in tune he is with digital music. He helped invent it. His career started at Studer of Switzwerland. These are the master tape recorder guys most famous along with Ampex and Sony. He developed thier first pieces of Digital gear. later on , while working with Sony to develop SACD, he created the first and only digital workstation to handle native DSD WITHOUT PCM Conversion,  so professional audio production could mix and master within the DSD native single bit realm. And you'll hear people tell you to this day "All DSD has to convert to PCM for mixing" which is wrong. 


This is a single bit FPGA based DSD DAC with uses a proprietary algorythm which remodulates the signal to 50 MhZ before conversion !!, Ive not seen anything like this math on any other DAC and it sounds different because of it. Like real , natural music. The MPD-8 has a proprietary digital interface that uses Glass fiber optic cables to pass the music bitstream rendering the transmission line impervious to RFI or EMI, since it is light. You can even use this DAC to record digitally using Andreas' own "Sonoma" software like I mentioned earlier. It comes free with the purchase of any PBD product. 


So if you want to get off the "DAC Train" this is your piece for sure. Ill stand behind my convictions on this piece and guarantee your utter satisfaction. These are made to order so roughly 2 weeks after paymnent is the worst case scenario. If you only use one source, then the volume control on this piece sounded better than through my 25K Vacuum tube Linestage. I could not believe it . 


Again if you are ready to stop the DAC nonesense and simply have the DAC that does it all, then contact me to buy this piece.  Even at full retial price its a value. It compares to $50K DACS and beats them in my opinion.  This is the one .  Do it . Youll thank me.       

Playback Designs MPD-8 Dream DAC