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More than just a website.

e11even stereophonic was built to support an online community, offer exclusive HiFi deals, and provide a library of audiophile music.

As a HiFi tribe member, you


1. Must be passionate about music. 

2. Have an understanding that music unifies all of us regardless of where, why, what, and how. We are the Humans (the best band of all time).

3. Maintain respect for all members within discussions and/or business dealings. This means no direct aggression towards others, such as name calling and/or trolling.

4. Agree to maintain 100% integrity and honesty within any business transaction. Fairness is always the priority. The main idea is to under-represent and over-deliver.

5. Agree to only speak about equipment based on personal first hand experience. This helps to alleviate misinformation based upon what opinion you've heard or read. 

6. Agree to make the path easier for those less experienced than you by teaching what you’ve learned through your HiFi experience.

7. Realize we do this to enrich our lives. Therefore do not overspend or think you should always be upgrading. This is about enjoyment and relaxation.

8. Agree to maintain lightheartedness. If your tie is too tight, loosen it. If your shoes are too tight, go barefoot. If your pants are too tight, take them off 😉 Remember this is fun!


An agreement is never one sided, therefore as the founder of HiFi tribe and  11stereophonic,

I, Mike Powell, agree to the following.

1. To stand for HiFi as a hobby and a method to relax, heal, and enrich people's lives. This means any or all of my endeavors are dedicated to supporting this. 

2. Because I came up through the same ropes you did, I stand for the listener. This means you. In any given situation where I must decide between profit or the listener, I vow to give you the advantage to a very slight degree. 

3. I agree to only offer products that I have listened to and evaluated as having qualities commensurate with my high standard of value vs. performance. The bottom line is that you are only offered things I would use myself. 

4. I agree to seek out and negotiate exclusive product offerings available nowhere else. 

5. I agree to set a purchase and trade-in policy that gives you a very slight advantage. Please do not abuse these terms.

6. I agree to not sell any of your information/data to any outside 3rd party. 

7. I agree to maintain honor, truth, and transparency within the industry. 

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