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There's nowhere to go, you are already here.

This is the HiFi realm built and run by passionate music enthusiasts not by businessmen.

We stand for Integrity, Honesty, Fair Pricing, High quality and over all, having fun together.


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This means that you stand for a full integrity HiFi market.  One with honesty, respect, and  comradery. 

A literal "safe zone" where you can purchase at the cost listed,  trusting its a value  rather than "fake retail for fake discount"

We represent a healthy buying and selling atmosphere, whereby you are assured to receive a deal that "goes to 11"

We start with a fair deal, then give you one more step of value so you always know that you will receive a very slight advantage .

This is what e11even is all about, going one more step for our members since you have committed to help us create a better HiFi market and industry by simply being a good person with integrity and willingness to teach others what youve learned along the way 

One of the benefits of being a tribe member is our private email offers. Keep a lookout for emails from 11stereo. It will never exceed one email per week


 Mike Powell 

Founder of 11stereo

"My part of the story is to use my talent at matching components and creating complete Bona Fide HiFi systems at any budget level $5K and above. In addition I have chosen to design create and sell the first most important part of every Audio System, the Cables. Without good cables, one has a poor representation of quality HiFi. Anyone that communicates with me is offered the choice to leverage my ability to their best use. Including me in your HiFi system decisions will make your music experience more fulfilling. I give you this promise. I am bestowed with an above average passion for creating high level audio systems. Even at only $5K for the whole rig , ready to play. It fulfills my lifes purpose which is to improve the experience in other peoples lives. This in turn makes the world a better place and my mission is complete. The very thing I am passionate about the most makes the world a better place. This means I have nowhere to go I am already here".

Expect your 11stereo audio system to have a soul. They are very much alive and will respond to any and all of your input. The more good intent you show your HiFi rig, the more it will give back.

So why me ? Because I truly care about your HiFi experience at your home or place of listening. I build or tune up your Audio Rig as if it were my own. Your happiness and joy are the root of my payback. I thrive for this, and it is achieved. 

2008 Seoul Korea with April Music O

Mike Powell OCD HiFi Guy in 2008 Seoul Korea, with April Music Owner Simon Lee, Audio Journalist Barry Willis, and Mark Levinson.