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in order to offer you a fake discount where you end up getting the retail price anyways. 

We represent a healthy buying and selling atmosphere, whereby you are assured to receive a deal that "goes to 11"


We start with a fair deal, then give you one more step of value so you always know that you will receive a very slight advantage .

By giving us your patronage, you commit to help us create a better HiFi market and industry. Allowing us to go one more step for our members, this is what e11even is all about.

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Trading Post is an area where 11stereo compiles a list of client's audio gear looking to trade or sell. This helps to make it easier for people who need to sell something in order to get something else. 

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Mike Powell 

Founder of 11stereo

I'm an industry veteran of 20 years. My story starts with design and manufacturing as well as representing HiFi brands to the US for foreign companies that make top-level product. I've spent the last 20 years carefully observing how this whole machine works. I have determined the HiFi industry is broken. Customers do not get what they expect and don't trust the sellers; sellers don't trust the customers because they use up their time and then buy somewhere else. And there's this whole hyper-inflated price thing. It became clear to me things weren't going to change and the only way to change them is to lead by example. Therefore, I have created e11even stereophonic and the HiFi tribe based on my ideal of what a perfect atmosphere would be where HiFi is cool and not lame. Where people actually care about one another's desires and aspirations and freely share information to help them get there. As a seller, my deal is to find above average products that are unique in one way or another. There is one thing I don't comprise and that is sound quality. My sonic preferences are highly refined. This means that there is no mainstream audio that does it for me. Doesn't mean they're bad, just means that my taste is more refined. So my "okay" sounding is most people's "great". My "great", most people have not yet experienced. As a HiFi tribe member, you get to leverage my knowledge and talent for selecting components and matching the right ones together. There is no single company that makes every component the best. HiFi companies are usually specialists. Consequently, the seller must know which brands compliment one another for the best overall result. The HiFi rig is about symbiosis. I'm very adept at building audio systems. Therefore, I am able to offer a high-level of service to those clients that would like a professional to build them a system based on their personal characteristics.

(404)  764-6233

Atlanta, GA. USA

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2008 Seoul Korea with April Music O

Mike Powell OCD HiFi Guy in 2008 Seoul Korea, with April Music Owner Simon Lee, Audio Journalist Barry Willis, and Mark Levinson.